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Graphic India And The Booming Future Of Indian Comics

As the Indian comic industry continues to evolve with the times, more and more publishers are trying their hands on grabbing a share of the pie in this market. After seeing its glory days back in the 90’s, the industry hit a new low, with publications like Manoj and Tulsi getting closed while Raj Comics failing to embrace digital and losing its market. Today, the industry is booming to say the least, with companies like Yali Dream Creations, Speech Bubble and Holy Cow producing quality content for the Indian comic book fans on a regular basis. Amidst this, we need to take a look at a company which may quite possibly end up gaining a good chunk of the market share in the near future – Graphic India.

Graphic India is a Bangalore based Indian company, and has recently secured a contract of $2.8 million towards its goal to come up with quality comics and animation that represents the Indian culture. The co- founder of the company, Sharad Devarajan, has previously worked with industry legends like Stan Lee.

Remember Virgin Comics? The imprint told stories highlighting the rich heritage of India, and presented it with a dark and gritty tone. Devarajan was the founder of this imprint too. Graphic India rose to fame with the launch of the critically acclaimed series, 18 Days by none other than Grant Morrison. The series tells the story of the Indian epic, The Mahabharata. After reading the series, I found that the comic book was a result of extensive research on the part of Morrison and his team. The story was fast paced, brilliantly written and illustrated and didn’t seem dull at any moment throughout the entire story.

Graphic India

Graphic India is looking to focus on providing digital content to the comic book fans in India as well as overseas. They have partnered with Rovio Entertainment, the creators of the modern classic, Angry Birds. Additionally, they have secured distribution deals with Cartoon Network and to top off, they have around 10 film licensing deals in their bag at the moment.

The company till date has focused on selling its offerings via online shopping giants like Amazon and Flipkart. But going further, Graphic India is looking towards building a direct platform where they can serve their targeted audience without any third party intervention. They aim towards developing an app which will integrate e-books and video content as well as options to buy the content in physical or digital format. Judging by the effort they are putting. Sky seems to be the limit for Graphic India.

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