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Review of Latest Titles by Freelance Talents : Pagli Prakriti and Samaj Levak

Freelance Talents

Vaibhav Kumar’s Exclusive Review of Freelance Talents New Books : Pagli Prakriti and Samaj Levak.

Pagli Prakriti Review

Writer, Poet – Mohit Trendster | Art – Abhilash Panda | Coloring, Calligraphy – Shahab Khan | Published by Freelance Talents | Release Date – 22 November 2017

Set in 1960, Pagli Prakriti (Vacuumed Sanctity) explores the enthusiasm and hope of a small country Kramo into doing something innovative through their space research agency, but the event soon turns ugly when the people with power and control try to get involved with it to get their name out. To do that they not only manipulate the people but also ruin a good cause that many people worked hard for. This story is also a reflection of how our society functions and how flawed the administrative hierarchy of the system is. Abhilash Panda’s art beautifully captures the feel of story. He has improved significantly from last year. The artwork reflects the timeless nature of historical fiction moments. Shahab Khan’s visually stimulating color scheme compliments the illustrations. The framework of the larger world and sense of history that story slides into with VS is impressive to contemplate and moving to experience.This Freelance Talents short indie comic is totally worth reading.




Samaj Levak by Freelance Talents Review

Writer, Poet – Mohit Trendster | Art – Anand Singh, Prakash Bhalavi | Coloring – Harendra Saini | Calligraphy – Youdhveer Singh | Published by Freelance Talents | Release Date – 08 December 2017

Samaj Levak comic is divided into two parts – Horror comic on a fraud NGO (Anand Singh’s art) and Poetry Comic (Prakash Bhalavi’s art). Experimental artwork by Anand Singh and Prakash Bhalavi artwork is quite striking . Everybody is aware of the Non Governmental Organization (NGOs) and carry a general do-gooder perception about them. Very few are aware of the other side of the NGOs. 95% of these NGO organisations are fraud and just feed on government’s money and public donations, foreign aid. It is important to create an awareness about it, which is what this comic is all about. Comics, like almost all forms of fiction, have so much potential to create commentary on the human condition. Thanks to Freelance Talents, we have another shining example of this potential being realized.