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Footsteps : TBS Planet’s Horror Saga, Not for Faint Hearted


TBS Planet Comics  is a Bangalore based comics studio which launched in July 2016 with the first comic book – “Ved” around Indian action superhero. The studio had previously also developed comics for Bollywood Movie: A Flying Jatt by Balaji Motion Pictures and Shivaay by Ajay Devgn Films. Its horror comic book “13 Days” had been among Amazon Bestsellers as well. The studio was founded by Rajeev Tamhankar, who is IIT Roorkee Silver Medalist and Author of bestselling book – “Get Corporated before you get fired!”  TBS Planet has launched its new book in horror genre Footsteps.

The comics company will be launching the book in two parts. Footsteps comic is a horror saga based around the protagonist – Nikhil, a ten year old boy who accidentally steps on a paranormal footsteps and starts to experience haunting. Will his parents be able to save their only child from the poltergeist? You will have to read the comic to find this out.

Rajeev Tamhankar, Founder said, “This comic book Footsteps has been a very special project for us. Primarily, because I wrote this script with my friend, Kunal during our IIT hostel days.” This comic book also has animations enabled on the cover as well as on some surprise frames.


TBS Planet had previously launched “13 Days” Horror comic book which was based on a group of friends from Bangalore. The second part of Footsteps as well as “13 Days” is expected to be out by next quarter. More horror titles are being planned in later months.

TBS Planet is focussed on developing various genres in coming months. Right from native action superheroes to horror to comedy, the studio promises to serve graphical entertainment for all age groups. TBS Planet had also previously launched Augmented Reality Comic Books around superhero characters – Karma, Raat, Varun.

About future plans for TBS Planet, Rajeev says, “Next month, we are taking a giant leap as we venture into Hindi language with our “Yug” comic book. Apart from Yug we are also finishing the next comic book of “Ved” series. We also have an annual subscription plan for comic lovers where they would be able to get comics home-delivered every month.”