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Extraction Movie is combination of Bullet Holes and Plot Holes

Extraction Movie is a solid film in terms of action but not in terms of plot. The story is fairly simple and been done before but it doesn’t really bother me in this case. The action makes up for it.

The action scenes are really terrifically. Whilst they aren’t on the level of The Raid movies, The John Wick trilogy or even Atomic Blonde. Extraction Movie does deliver some pretty good action sequences.

They are filmed really well without the over use of shaky can and quick cuts. The choreography is very good. There is a really great 11 minute sequence which is done in “one take” and it works marvelously well.

I thoroughly I enjoyed it. It’s around 102 minutes long (excluding the credits) and there is very little downtime. That’s because of great actors and a decent script. Chris Hemsworth and Randeep Hooda both are soul of Extraction Movie and they deliver great performance. Both actors did a lot of his own stunts which is great to hear. Everyone else from David Harbour to other supporting cast are also very good.

Some solid acting all around. Great combat scenes, mostly one on ones, Why kidnap the kid when father is in prison? But who needs a solid story when you have action scenes galore! Great city scenes!

Despite this being Sam Hargraves directorial debut, it goes without saying it was done extremely well, along side Joe Russo’s ingenious writing abilities. I found myself thinking about how they came up with the ideas including the impressive camera work and how it is done. What I enjoy most is scenes/shots that can be interpreted differently, in this case, the end scene. If you’re looking for mindless fun, look no further.

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