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Evil Batman : When Batman turns Badman

Batman is true Badass and Evil Face, who fights against crime. But DC Comics have long history of Evil Batman as well, surprise! We’ve gathered some of some of the most famous and pure evil versions of Batman from both, in the main continuity and peppered across the multiverse.

Vampire Batman

Batman and Dracula series of 1991 reveal the story of Bruce Wayne going up against the vampire lord, Dracula after knowing that he belongs to a vicious breed of vampiric minions and has a history of brutal murders. The last fight between Dracula and Bruce ended up killing the Dracula, but Bruce himself turned into a vampire.

The Vampire Evil Batman though didn’t stop here and kept on his fight against crime and criminals with the best version of a vampire.

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Batman: Bloodstream, however, tells another horrible story where Evil Batman ends up with a Joker draining all of his blood. At last, he has to set him on fire due to his fear of turning into a vampire too.




Owlman is a supervillain, appear as the counterpart of Batman, in books published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Justice League of America, published in August 1964 and was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky.

Owlman is actually the member of a criminal organization named Crime Syndicate of America. Owlman plays a version of Thomas Wayne Jr. Of Earth-3, or the Evil Earth where Crime Syndicate rules the world than the Justice League.

Thomas had an influence of crime as his mother and younger brother, Bruce was killed by police while arresting his father, Thomas Sr. The events filled him with rage and  anger. Under the mentorship of Joe Chill, he entered the world of criminals. He has got the very abilities of a Batman except for the costume which is exclusively themed as an Owlman. He is trained as a disciplined criminal with all tactics of fighting, along with that he has got an extra power of controlling other people’s minds due to the Earth-3 drug addiction.

Recently, Owlman came into a conflict with Batman during the New 52’s Forever Evil event on the exposure of his previous identity.


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Wrath, again a villain character, appeared in the comics in 1984 as an “Anti-Batman”. Similar to Owlman, his parents were killed in front of him. He declared a war against the lawmakers of the state and went through a comprehensive process of training instead of taking drugs like Owlman. He targeted Commissioner Jim Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth etc. but soon got himself killed in an accident by his own-designed bomb explosion.

But a second later, he appeared again on the screens as Elliot Caldwell, the original Wrath’s Robin-like sidekick.



Azrael is a fictional character in the DC Comic Universe. The Sacred Order of Saint Dumas created a group of assassins of whom Azrael is the most important character, ultimately taken over the role of Batman in “Knightfall”, “Knightquest” and “Knightsend” series. The character first appeared as Azrael in October 1992 and as Batman in February 1993.

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The mantle of Azrael was passed down in the Order of Saint Dumas for hundreds of years until their final Azrael, Jean Paul Valley destroyed the faction by seeking the assistance of Batman in fighting against the criminals of Gotham. He rejected what was offered by his forefathers but learned basic detective work alongside Robin and Batman. He learned brilliant skills of brutal killing and eliminating the criminals, thus playing Evil Batman but influenced by Azrael.



Hugo Strange

Obsessed with Batman, Hugo Strange is one of his earliest enemies. Psychologically, he has been obsessed with the character of Batman and the thoughts of getting into his mind drove him crazy. Instead, Batman got a hold of his mind.

Hugo Strange has been the most strange character as well, who dress up like a Batman and even taken the tough exercises to fight like him as well. In all this, he had turned himself into Evil Batman, more dangerous than ever before. All he wants is to take the place of Batman in Dark Knight but he definitely is on the wrong side and wrong idea of obsession.

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Frankenstein’s Bat-Man

Bruce obsessed with the idea of taking revenge of his parent’s murder followed the steps of his father of becoming a father. But instead of getting on that side, trapped himself into labs with experimentation on the serum that can introduce some monstrous powers turning him Evil Batman.

He kept on conducting his experiments on animals before he could actually conclude to revive dead tissue by the conjunction of his serum with electric currents. In an attempt to recreate his father’s body, he ended up creating a monstrous version of human to whom he dressed up like a Bat-Man. He escapes from the lab and opens a war against a criminal, just like other Batman.