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Difference between DC and Marvel Universe

Both companies have dozens of superheroes with high flying abilities but underneath all that flashing glamour they have a bunch differences as well, today we are going to filter down what are major difference between DC and Marvel Universe.

SUPERHERO TEAMS: Marvel has more superhero teams, we can honestly just explain this by listing off a few of the many teams that Marvel Comics has brought together over the years. First and foremost there are the Avengers possibly the most widely recognized in the Marvel Universe. Although there’s two rivaled in popularity by the x-men and Fantastic Four man. Marvel also has the secret warriors the Inhumans, alpha flight the defenders. While DC’s Justice League and Teen Titans are more than a match for what Marvel has to offer. They really just aren’t enough established heroes for them to compete.

REBORN: Marvel’s characters die and return more often. Marvel has tried to replicate the massive success of The Death of Superman storyline by killing off many of their own characters what if the more famous examples was the death of Captain America storyline. The x-men series also hasn’t been shy with offing their major players including the death of Jean Grey, Wolverine and even Professor X himself. It makes for more dramatic storytelling we get it but it kind of breaks the dramatic tension.

HOW FREQUENT: Marvel’s events are more frequent what do we do can we fight this is gonna end well we’re not saying that DC doesn’t have their share of large-scale comic-book events like the wildly entertaining flashpoint or the shocking Death of Superman storylines. However these events are few and far between and that’s really not a bad thing Marvel. Marvel keeps things moving with huge crossover story lines but DC’s massive events definitely have more of an impact.




DARK SIDE: Both companies are nearly equal in terms of representing the dark sides of their respective heroes. However the interesting differences arise in how they handle their grimmer subject matter. Marvel has reserved this more edgy side of their properties for solo characters like Punisher and daredevil who you won’t often see fighting alongside. On the other hand puts Batman literally The Dark Knight front and center and his popularity and influence is what gave superhero comics a more serious tone in the first place. From time to time even taking a little too far DC definitely puts the darkness front and center.

Difference between DC and Marvel

ANIMATED SERIES: It’s a big difference between DC and Marvel, DC as animation is really ahead of Marvel, whether it’s a television series or animated feature DC undoubtedly has a stranglehold on Marvel in this department. DC’s hit a much higher level of quality and much more often. Marvel has some brilliant strokes with the nineties x-men and spider-man animated series and while a few other shows since then have done a great job. There just isn’t enough in Marvel’s animated portfolio. DC fans have a lot more to love when it comes to animation.

HISTORY: If we talk about history, there is huge time gap difference between DC and Marvel. DC has a longer history, faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings at a single bound long before Peter Parker, squeezed into his Spidey suit. The DC Universe was already bursting at the seams with a laundry list of heroes and villains even though both companies kicked off around the same time. It took a generation before Marvel created their big names. Superman had already soared through the sky. Batman was already prowling the rooftops and the flash had picked up tons of speed before the Fantastic Four’s first issue even hit the shelves. Much of Marvel’s successful characters were created in the 60s and 70s whereas many of the DC heroes we loved today have been around since the very beginning.

Difference between DC and Marvel CulturePOPcorn

STANDALONE SERIES: DC has more standalone stories then Marvel. We already find it very impressive how both companies somehow managed to find writers and artists capable of delivering brand-new storylines. DC somehow manages to find the time and extra bursts of creativity to produce a lot of completely standalone narratives. Alan Moore’s groundbreaking novel Watchmen. Grant Morrison wrote the chilling Arkham Asylum a much more psychological look into the relationship the Dark Knight shares with his rogues gallery. Sometimes it’s nice to find something fresh and different something that DC satisfies us with regularly.

FICTION: DC’s universe is more fictional, Marvel uses real locations. From Gotham to Metropolis to Central City DC’s locations are based on real world cities but they definitely aren’t places that you’ll ever find on a map while these imaginative playgrounds give DC a lot of creative freedom. We appreciate Marvel using real places to add an extra element of reality and believability.




URBAN REALITY: Marvel has more stories and characters that deal with real issues if fired. Marvel’s approach to tackle real-world issues can truly register in the eyes of audiences as they too have experienced very similar dilemmas and situations. Superman has a real job too but come on he’s never had to worry about paying the bills.

Difference between DC and Marvel

CINEMATIC UNIVERSE: Cinematic difference between DC and Marvel is also Game Changer. Marvel has their movies figured out and taking the movie industry by storm with some big screen hits like Avengers, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America. Marvel proved itself in the film business with X-Men and Spider-Man. DC has a lot of great movies under its belt with the original 1978 Superman and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. However recently DC’s attempts to catch up to the Marvel Cinematic Universe have fallen short of expectations. However recently DC’s attempts to catch up to the Marvel Cinematic Universe have fallen short of expectations. But now things of DC seems promising while Wonder Woman in really doing great wonders in cinemas and Justice League is just in round the corner.

Do you agree with our list, what do you think are the most striking difference between DC and Marvel. Please write down your thoughts in below comment section. Peace.

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