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Destiny Awakes : Gaming Ideology to a new level

Destiny Awakes Issue #1 is written by Adam First, Artwork by Harsho Mohan Chattoraj and Letters by Harsho Mohan Chattoraj. They say, if you keep playing games on the PC or your Gaming Console or your Mobile Phone, it is bad for your health. Well, I will partially agree to such statements… everything has a limit and if one continues, then he/she has to face the repercussions. However, what Adam has done with Destiny Awakes comic book, is that he has taken the gaming ideology to a new level; although I am sure such ideas have been used for quite-a-while. The story feels cliched, the majority of it at least. Read on…

A boy who loves gaming on the mobile phone has just won a big fight against a boss (boss-level, if you have played games you will know what it means)… and then some bullies start thrashing him for no reason at all (bullies, duh!). One of the games character comes alive through the boys mobile phone and scares the shit out of those bullies… and that’s where the whole story starts taking shape.

Additional characters are introduced and soon there are more people fighting the games villains on Earth! It is an action-packed storyline, and if you are not a gamer or if you are not somewhat technically savvy, you may miss out on some of the gaming slang. However it is not much, you won’t miss anything.

In my opinion, the saving grace (or may be not) is the ending where it gets quite interesting. If I am right, there is going to be a continuation sometime down the line in Destiny Awakes Issue #2, and I would love to see where that takes this story.

The art by Harsho is awesome and compliments the story very well. The larger panels are a treat because the size of the book itself is quite large. The art style stands out in this book as it is completely in black and white, and I love it.

I am just wondering how it would have looked in color. Anyways, Harsho’s artwork is a visual treat for anyone, anytime, any book. I am a fan of Harsho for life since I set my eyes on the Hyderabad Graphic Novel!

I hope there are plans to continue this story and also hope that printed copies are made available in India for comics readers like me. A big thanks to Vivek Goel for getting me Destiny Awakes from the Delhi Comic Con.

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