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Deadpool 2 Review : Mashup of Rated R Hilarity and Action Packed Fun

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 is sequel of 2016 movie released this Friday worldwide. Film starts with Wade Wilson aka Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), who is on hunt of international gangs and also wants to start a family with his girlfriend, but the angry bullies attack him, in which his girlfriend dies. Disappointed with his life, Deadpool is looking for new ways to die. But the entry of a new 14 year old mutant Kid change his life. Now his mission is to protect this child from big bad guy, Cable played by Josh Brolin, who comes from the future and desperately want to kill the Kid. Deadpool prepares X Force to save that kid. For his sake, he is ready to face any danger. This is what movie look like as per trailers but it’s more than that.

Actually Deadpool 2 did kind of the same thing that infinity war did with misleading trailers. Although they didn’t quite take it to the degree that Disney did with that fake Hulk. All of the characters that you see in the Deadpool 2 trailers are characters that are in the movie but the plot is completely different.

I just expected it to be standard sequel, they’re gonna put x-force together, it’s gonna be great, we’ll find out what the team will look like and something like that. But suffice to say when you find out what they actually do with that team you will be completely blown away in a hilarious way but also in a really cool way.

There are lot’s of joke and special appearances you will see, some of jokes you already seen in trailer, like BVS Martha and Marvel’s Infinity war jokes but they go way beyond that. There is one character which will be super surprising and later on became major element of this movie. They were able to include this with the budget that they had.

Deadpool 2 is definitely R rated movie full with double meaning dialogues, comedy and violence. Deadpool 2 also includes some amazing cameos in the way. They included them very relatively but when these things and people pop up you will really enjoy them.

Ryan Reynolds followed up his signature turn as the foul-mouthed mercenary with an equally impressive performance. He is just as good here as he was in the first movie. Many actors and actresses fit their superhero roles well, and Reynolds as Deadpool is no exception.

Josh Brolin was amazing as Thanos, I felt like his cable was a very distinct and very cool version of the character. He’s a great actor all around and he found a way to make his cable feel authentic relatable and gave him a heart too. The trailers don’t really do him justice because they mostly use him in a very Thanos type way like. They do change some of cables comic-book backstory, but for the most part the x-force character origins are largely authentic to the comics and most of cable is  authentic to his comic book story.

Julian Dennison was actually a pretty amazing performance too in a couple really unexpected things from his character so I don’t want to give away any big plot twists but he’s actually a pretty important character. The trailers just kind of use him as Kid needs to be saved from Cable.

Rob Delaney’s Peter character is great I don’t want to give anything away about him but he’s much more than a gimmick but the character totally works with what they’re doing with the rest of the team and the narrative puts him to great comedic use.

Colossus was used for laughs for the most part but he got to do some really badass things. One of the other cool things about the movie they did spend a little bit more on the CG and the action scenes.

Deadpool 2 is more of a genuine entertaining film with a lot of funny moments in it, If you enjoy first one, you will definitely love this. It’s all about Family!!!