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Comic World from Diamond Comics : Total Entertainment Package

Comic World

Comic World, in the late 90’s, Diamond comics began advertising the arrival of a comic book that would please the fans to no limits. The most important thing to note here was that they advertised the magazine on TV! The anticipation of the curious fans grew as the release date of the first issue came closer.

And then it finally hit the stands! I still remember that colorful night when my parents, my younger brother and I stopped in front of the comic book shop in the supermarket. We stepped inside and the owner, recognizing me from my countless earlier visits, welcomed us with a smile.

I approached the last shelf which used to be full of Diamond comics. I took a big stack of Chacha Chaudhary, Billu and Pinky comics, came back to the counter and put them in front of the owner, who had a giant sized magazine in his hands. He showed Comic World to me and guys, this is what I’ll seriously call ‘Love at first sight’!

Comic World and the cover boasted an enormous catalogue of characters including the three mentioned above, The Phantom, He-Man, Archie and more! He explained me that this 120 page magazine (which BTW cost ONLY TWENTY RUPEES!).

It was what I like to call a comic fanatic’s wet dream! After we reached home, I started reading the Comic World magazine and even though being a fast reader at an early age, it took me a good 2 hours to complete the book, enjoying several stories catering to different flavors in the process.

After that, I never missed this monthly offering from Diamond comics and it gained a huge fan following as time progressed, even being able to publish its Silver Jubilee issue. As the years passed, I failed to preserve most of my comic books and lost them or damaged them to an extent that they were unreadable. My Comic World magazines suffered the same fate.

Now years later, I have been able to relive those lost moments by reading digital comics, but as of now, no one has shared Comic World. Even Diamond comics doesn’t have the complete catalogue and this legendary magazine has been lost somewhere in the annals of time.​