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Sneak Peak of Batman War on Crime and Superman Peace on Earth

Batman War on Crime

The iconic duo which is Alex Ross and Paul Dini has blessed the comic industry several times with their collaborations such as Superman Peace on Earth and Batman War on crime. Nelson Alexander Ross is an American comic book artist who is hugely famous for his exquisite portrayals of superheroes in human form.

Alex has done several projects for both DC and Marvel comics his art work is mainly praised for its detail and his unique style. Paul Dini on the other hand is a writer for the comic book and television industries. The remarkable writer has worked on various projects for companies like Warner Bros, DC Comics and Marvel.

The two time Emmy Award winning writer has worked with the legendary Alex Ross to produce the two remarkable books of all time, Superman Peace on Earth and Batman War on crime




The first ever time the two great minds came together to produce something brilliant was in Superman Peace on Earth the graphic novel was published by DC Comics in November 1998. The novel is a heat warming tale about humanity. The story starts off with Clark Kent encountering a starving young woman and eventually discovering the pressing issue of world hunger.


Superman Peace on Earth


Superman Peace on Earth continues with Superman’s efforts of putting an end to world hunger but as his journey continues he faces several issues which lead him to the conclusion that distributing food will not solve the issue. Perhaps the best thing about the skillfully illustrated book is its heartfelt ending. Unlike most Superman stories this one does not end with superman conquering the enemy in an exciting combat rather the story has an ends with a very wise approach to the issue.

Superman addresses the issue with the utmost wisdom remembering a lesson his father taught him. It was an old proverb that said ‘Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he eats for a lifetime.’ so Superman teaches these people and acts as an example for them which in turn has a greater impact then his old course of action.


Alex Ross Paul Dini


Batman War on crime is the successor to Superman Peace on earth, the graphic novel is written by Paul Dini and illustrated by Alex Ross. The novel was published by DC Comics. The novel narrates the tragic life of the man behind the mask and what made him become the Dark knight. The one purpose of Batman’s life is to eradicate crime it is not only his passion but his obsession.

Batman War on crime story unfolds as he discovers a boy who had just seen his parents get murdered by his own to eyes. This puts Batman through a nostalgic flashback; he sees his own reflection in the boy’s eyes. This leads to the story developing into a tale of realization and amends as Batman finds new perspective in everything even the evil he has been fighting all these years.

The story unfolds to Batman recognizing the true evil in the society and how he puts an end to it. The novel is like no other traditional story book it introduces a whole new way of storytelling which is what makes it so unique.