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Batman Love Triangle with Wonder Woman and Batgirl

Batman Love Triangle

Fan sees Batman Love Triangle in the 78th issue of the Brave and the Bold series written by Bob Haney, this issue is the first time ever Batman and Wonder Woman have teamed up.

This issue was a collaboration between Bob Haney, the writer Mike Esposito and Bob Brown the artists. The issue is the perfect portrayal of the ‘Haney verse’ approach to writing the series. Haney writes these wonderful stories in which characters are seen to be acting strangely out of character when they team up with Batman. There are no limitations as to what a character can do in these stories as they are totally under Haney’s control.

Wonder Woman Love Batman

In Brave and the Bold#78 issue in the readers are introduced to a new villain. Enter, Copperhead (a phenomenal design by Brown and Esposito).

Copperhead was a cunning villain his technique of attack was that he would strike only when he was absolutely certain that Batman was caught up in something else. So Batman is scheming to capture copperhead and the very next day Wonder Woman and Batgirl not only arrive at Gotham City but also declare their love for Batman rather publicly.

Batgirl Loves Batman

In the Batman Love Triangle, Wonder Woman and Batgirl are shown to be fighting over Batman as he desperately tries to calm them down. In the end, it is decided that a contest shall be held between the two women to determine who loves Batman more. The contest begins the following day and both women shower Batman with exquisite gifts to prove their love.

This leads to Batman getting hugely distracted, so much that he fails to respond to a bank robbery. Copperhead gets word of what is happening and decides to strike at a time at which he is certain that Batman will be busy solving the feud between the two women.

Batman Love Triangle

Then the first plot twist is revealed-all of this was a ploy to mislead copperhead into assuming that Batman was distracted. In reality, as impossible as it may sound Batman had somehow convinced Wonder Woman and Batgirl to pretend to be in love with him and put up a show to mislead copperhead.

But to Batman’s disappointment, copperhead being the clever villain that he does not take the bait and this leads to the contest restarting.


The continuation of the Batman Love Triangle contest proves to have disastrous effects. Wonder Woman and Batman get carried away and both the women realize that they are in love with Batman. Copperhead as a result of his spying finds out that the two women have left evidence of their identities in a well, he dashes to get hold of them but is stopped by Wonder Woman who successfully destroys them.

Batman Love Triangle

She then succeeds in tracking down his exact location but is knocked out by him when she reaches there. Batman and Batgirl track his lair too and Batgirl is knocked out by copperhead whereas Batman manages to capture him but Batman is poisoned.

Batman Love

Luckily Batgirl is in possession of an anti-venom which saves Batman’s life and together they arrest a furious copperhead.Who can’t believe he was defeated by Batgirl, Batman and Wonder Woman including a very complicated Batman Love Triangle.