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Batman: Death in the Family trailer – Do you want to kill Robin?

The new Batman: Death in the Family trailer dropped this morning and I got to say, I am excited now for some reason. This is an animated version of Batman: Death in the Family graphic novel and it actually appears to be somewhat of a prequel to batman under the red hood which is one of my favorite animated films ever.

And it looks pretty special in another way. Now, if you remember, on Netflix we had black mirror Bandersnatch which allowed some audience interaction. This is going to do the same thing. In the spirit of the 900 number, decision made by fans to kill off Jason Todd in the comics.

It appears a little different this time but it still looks pretty curious. There’s obviously quite a few differences in this trailer that really appears to be Jason Todd in the classic Tim drake red robin costume, which could call for some alternate realities depending on what the viewer selects for the film.

This is just like those two year old adventure books. Adding red robin to the mix actually makes me a little more excited although I am more of a red hood guy. It is curious on where they’re taking this.

One of the other cool things about Batman: Death in the Family trailer is, they are retaining the voice cast from the original under the red hood. This means Bruce greenwood is back as batman, Vincent Martella as Jason Todd and John Dimaggio as the joker. There’s also a couple of new roles including Talia al Ghul voiced by Zara Visal two-face and the commissioner who were both voiced by Gary Cole.

From Batman: Death in the Family trailer, I suspect that whole storyline will be one of the choices that you make i.e, If Jason lives or if Jason dies. Decisions that’ll happen during the interactive film. That’s right..! They’re calling this an interactive film.

But they haven’t given it a release date. I actually expect it before the end of the year and given all the great extras on the Blu-ray. The first time, I can’t wait to own this one. So what do you guys think about Batman: Death in the Family trailer? Are you ready for batman death in the family and what do you think of this movie being an interactive event. Share your thoughts below in comment box.