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Batman Arkham Asylum Serious House on Serious Earth
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Batman Arkham Asylum Serious House on Serious Earth

Today we are going to review the most darkest comics Batman Arkham Asylum Serious House on Serious Earth, written by Grant Morrison and Illustrated by Dave McKean in 1989. There is two groundbreaking stories which runs parallels in whole Graphic Novel, one is present story and other is origin of Arkham Aslyum’s founder Amadeus Arkham.

On April Fools day, somehow Joker taken over Arkham Asylum and hostage all staff, demanding Batman in exchange for hostages. Man, this is bestest and creepest Joker ever illustrated in any of Batman’s Graphic Novel.


There are lot’s of Batman’s foes like two face, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Mad Hatter and many others, specially Two Face, what doctors of Arkham Asylum done to Harvey Dent’s mind is really so sick and it makes me feel very sorry for Harvey’s situation. I really want to mention special quote written in Batman Arkham Asylum Serious House on Serious Earth Graphic Novel which suits situation of Harvey Dent very truly…

“Men whose only real crime is mental illness, trapped in the penal system with no hope of treatment”

There is another very nice quote by Batman, when he agrees to go into Arkham, Commissioner Gordon stop him and said to him  “Listen I can understand it if even you’re AFRAID….

Then Batman reply “I am AFRAID that when I walk through those asylum gates and the door close behind me…It’ll be Just like coming home.”.
In this book Batman is more afraid, not for Joker and all foes, but his Inner Demon, because he is also the one who deserves into Arkham, due to his psychological mind. The only difference is one fine line between Batman and others, is twisted mind.

It’s only for mature readers not for kids due to explicit content and mature painted artworks. During Batman’s run through this absurd gauntlet, his own sanity is placed in jeopardy. He also fights most of the villains to free all the staff of Arkham and make his way out, sane.

Apart from mainstream storyline there is origin story of Amadeus Arkham, he noted down his experience in his diary and those were very twisted. Whatever he experience in Arkham, he believe all is Supernatural. In the end all connected to Dark Knight himself, I will not spoil all the fun, but if you want to know how, read Batman Arkham Asylum Serious House on Serious Earth Graphic Novel.

Batman Arkham Asylum Serious House on Serious Earth printed in various formats, 15th Anniversary Edition, 25th Anniversary Paperback and 25th Anniversary Collector Edition Hardcover.

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