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Batman is legendary myth and whole world is fan of the dark knight, no doubt about it. Peoples are so inspired and devoted against Batman, they show their love and respect towards him. For new readers : Fictional Gotham City’s multi billionaires Thomas and Martha Wayne gunned down by a low level thug, in front of their 8 years son Bruce Wayne. This incident make a dark and never forgettable mark in the mind of young Bruce. So Bruce decided to devote himself to an ideal, made himself more then just a man, use his wealth and life to fight against crime, become Gotham city’s own silent guardian, The Dark Knight “Batman”. Well story here told in very short words to understand character, you can google about him more.

Anyways, as I already told you that people and artist are fan of Batman from more than 75 years, so some of artist show their love by creating Batman in different art from. Here are some of fantastic Alternative Universe Artwork collection of Batman, created by various artist from the world. Check out these and share your comment in comment box given below. Thanks!

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