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Avengers Infinity War Review : Epic Extravaganza of Tragedy

Avengers Infinity War

Today is the biggest day for any MCEU fan, because today Marvel’s most anticipated movie released, Avengers Infinity War. I saw movie itself and here is my review and thoughts about Avengers Infinity War. This movie directed by Russo Brothers and stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Holland, Chadwick Boseman, Dave Bautista, Chris Pratt, Josh Brolin and others.

Avengers Infinity War includes fan favourite characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk, Black Panther, Guardian of the Galaxy and more to stop the biggest threat for the universe, Thanos. Avengers Infinity War is 2 hours 40 minutes long movie and my expectation with this movie was quite high but it didn’t lived my expectation.

It was quite a similar to Justice League where steppenwolf is trying to collect 3 motherboxes to destroy the world. Thanos motive seems same but he is after 6 infinity stones. Let’s first talk about some awesomeness Avengers Infinity War carries. Big thumbs up of Russo Brothers to assemble this gigantic cast in one movie. Iron Man, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Captain America and Thor got more screen presence than others.

Avengers Infinity War Review

I can say Thor shines more in this movie. When all hope starts getting fade, he is the one who saves the day with his new weapon, StormBreaker. Captain American got one special moment as well, which we seen in trailer, but that moment just fade away because at that time primary focus was not fight between captain and thanos, that was little disappointing. Spiderman got some amazing updates which we never saw in any Spiderman movies before and you will love it.

As per Marvel tradition, there are lot’s of funny moments and I really enjoyed all of them, mostly between Thor and Gurdians of the Galaxy. Chemistry between Tony Stark, Spiderman and Doctor Strange is also great.

So now let’s talk about some negatives, I have a lot of issue with this movie. I can say this is actually Thanos movie, he gets most of the screen time in the whole movie and he is very scary villain. Josh Brolin played Thanos very well so it’s not his fault but it’s about the character development of Thanos which disappoint me. He is not a bad guy at all, just like Joker or any other.

Avengers Infinity War Thanos

He got emotions, he love Gamora, his adopted daughter, even in one scene he cries. There are some emotional scene between Thanos and Gamora where we can clearly see he loves his daughter. So we have one not so bad guy who wants to grab all the infinity stones to wide out half of galaxy to maintain balance. For the man like Thanos, who is not bad at all, is it necessary to wipe out half of galaxy, is there no other way to maintain balance? His motives seems pretty unclear and confusing to me.

Most of Action sequences in Avengers Infinity War are very shaky and it’s almost impossible to figure out what is happening in screens. Some are very long one shot scenes which makes eyes uncomfortable to watch.

Few other scenes are also seems unconvincing, like in the beginning of the film Loki try to kill Thanos from tiny piece of blade. I mean Loki already knows Thanos and his power, so it’s look pretty bizarre that someone like Loki, who was main villain in The Avengers, try to do such foolish act.

Avengers Infinity War took places in different planets and Tony Stark along side with Spiderman and Doctor Strange try to stop Thanos in his Planet, Titan. Some of Avengers are meta human, some are aliens but when it comes to Tony and Peter, they are pure human. So my biggest concern is how they are alive in outer space, even when they are not wearing their masks / helmet?

Apart from these negatives, all in all it’s a big blast for all of us. Watching all our favourite heroes in one movie is epic and I cannot wait to see conclusion of this mega Infinity War in 2019 when second part release. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions in comment box below. Peace.