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All New Holy Cow Initiative Kicks Off with upcoming releases

All New Holy Cow

Aghori: The Age of Immortals is two books short of the series finale and as the award-winning series draws to its shocking conclusion, Holy Cow prepares for the next phase in their publishing journey – All New Holy Cow. “We’re expanding our universe,” says CEO and Art Director Vivek Goel. “Not just with new characters, but new creative teams as well.”

The first series to come out under All New Holy Cow label is Shaitan: Enter the Dragon. Writer Ashwin Kalmane and artist Harsho Mohan Chattoraj take the series in a new direction as they tell us the story of Major Shaitan Singh meeting a Dragon in Bhutan.

Not to be outdone, Desh: The Last Asuran finally gets his own series in 2019. Centred around a young Desh, Bitemarks occurs decades before the events of Aghori: Bloodlines in which Desh is first introduced. Writer Ram V and artist Gaurav Shrivastava set Desh off on a one-of-a-kind road story in All New Holy Cow. A new take on an old kind of villain, dreamlike landscapes and many, many bottles of whiskey await Desh and us.

Readers will be introduced to two new characters in 2019 under the All New Holy Cow label – Ayudh and O’Kari. Written by Ashwin and illustrated by Harsho Mohan, Ayudh is a mashup of the crime and dark fantasy genres. It’s about a magician, living in the fictional city of Bombay, who invariably finds himself in trouble with monsters from other worlds and mobsters.

Ashwin returns to writing duties with artist Tadam Gyadu to tell the story of O’Kari, a man who was once a god, and reluctantly ascends to godhood again to save the world.

“Years of planning and the hard work of the Holy Cow team have brought us here.” says Vivek. “I am proud and very excited to introduce the world to All New Holy Cow. This is a declaration that we’re delivering what we promised. With three new IPs, Holy Cow is expanding the shared universe of superheroes that was started in our best-selling title Aghori. We’re telling great stories in different genres to cater to a diverse group of readers.”

“All new Holy Cow is just a milestone that we are hitting; this is just the 1st wave. We have big plans for the future and while you may not see it just yet, we’re already halfway there.”

Shaitan Holy Cow

Shaitan #5
Script: Ashwin Kalmane
Art: Harsho Mohan Chattoraj
Cover: Gaurav Shrivastav
Colours & Design: Prasad Patnaik

Before Astola, Major Shaitan Singh led Operation Dehek to recover an artefact from Taga, Bhutan. While the operation was a failure and the Major lost most of his men, his team managed to keep the artefact out of the wrong hands.

Eighty years later, he is asked to protect the artefact once again. But the violence and the isolation he experienced on Astola (as seen in Shaitan Toy Soldiers) have changed him. Can he overcome these crippling changes in time to protect the artefact from a chaos cult?


Aghori CulturePOPcorn

Aghori: Age of Immortals #4
Script: Ram V
Art: Vivek Goel
Colors & Design: Prasad Patnaik
Cover: Saumin Patel

Ara, once a helpless little girl and now a vessel for unspeakably dark power, begins building her army when she realizes that for her path a death needs to occur. The death of someone very dear to Vira.

In the dead-world the Shadow Worm grows ever more powerful and souls continue to be consumed by the millions. Vira, Essan Selhem and Kali continue to fight him in vain. But help is on the way, now all they have to do is stay alive long enough.

Tha Last Asuran

The Last Asuran #1
Script: Ram V
Art: Vivek Goel & Gaurav Shrivastav
Colours & Design: Prasad Patnaik
Cover: Gaurav Shrivastav

Monty Nisar, an ambitious smuggler learns that a mysterious weapon has landed in Banapur, UP. Realizing that it is just what he needs to climb up the gangster power ladder Monty looks to the best underground fighter in all of Mumbai, a ruthless contract killer and the closest thing that Monty has to a son: Desh.

Fresh off of an election victory Raja Saab proclaims he is closer than ever to fulfilling the promise he swore to his loyalists long ago: the gift of immortality and the weapon that just landed in his constituency of Banapur is their answer.

Desh sets out on a road trip unaware that he is about to clash with monsters from the dark and discover strength inside him that even he thought impossible.  This is not the aging, righteous Desh you met in Aghori: Bloodlines. This Desh is younger, cockier and in possession of more strength than even he knows to be possible. This Desh has bite.


Ayudh #1
Script: Ashwin Kalmane
Art: Harsho Mohan Chattoraj
Cover: Vivek Goel
Colours & Design: Prasad Patnaik

Ayudh fights ghosts. He hunts chudails. He helps people deal with supernatural situations, because he’s a magician. Also, because he gets paid for doing these things.

When his friend is murdered, Ayudh investigates the death and finds out that his friend was involved in some very strange things, like insects from another world, dragons, a shady government organisation, and gangsters, lots of gangsters.

O Kari

O’Kari #1
Script: Ashwin Kalmane
Art: Tadam Gyadu
Cover: Gaurav Shrivastav
Colours & Design: Prasad Patnaik

O’Kari was tired of being a god, so he gave up his godhood. Now, he lives a quiet life as a human truck driver and travels across the country.

When a mysterious force called the Decay threatens all of reality, he must once again, become a god.

Easier said than done.

Meanwhile, the residents of Bawioor, Karnataka are facing two problems – a strange disease that seems to have no cure and a giant monster that’s emerged from a temple well and is attacking the town’s residents.