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Unity In Diversity: All New, All Different Marvel Now

It has been a while since Marvel came up with its new comic book line called All New, All Different Marvel Now. Years after DC’s New 52 completely turned the comic book industry upside down, Marvel has made quite possibly the most daring move in comic book history!

Way back, Marvel was going through a financial crisis and was on the verge of bankruptcy. It made a desperate move and sold the rights to its major characters (most of which were around 40 years old) to Fox. The movie production house got the rights to make films on iconic characters like Spiderman, Wolverine, X-Men and The Fantastic 4. Today, in an attempt to prevent Fox from gaining exposure in regards to these characters, Marvel has discontinues some of the most legendary characters like X-Men and The Fantastic 4.

To top it all off, they having completely changed the way superheroes look, by introducing a horde of characters from different ethnicities. Now, we have a black Captain America, Kamala Khan from Pakistan- a Muslim girl whose alter ego is Ms. Marvel, a Japanese Hulk and a female Thor!

All New, All Different Marvel Now act was clearly an attempt to cater to as many fans as possible, whether they be from the US, Asia or Europe. Everyone has someone to look up to now. The racism debate which has been going on in the comic book industry since time immemorial has finally led to this move by Marvel. It wouldn’t be surprising if DC does something along the lines of this in the near future. Heck, Marvel came up with the Marvel Now line as an answer to DC’s New 52 comic book line.

These discussions aside, how All New, All Different Marvel Now move been faring for Marvel? Well, as far as Kamala Khan is concerned, her comic book has been a brilliant mix of storytelling and gorgeous artwork, which is always a win-win for both parties. Other characters, not so much! It seems like the complete abandonment of iconic characters like Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner has irked the fans in more ways than one. The sale of All New, All Different Marvel Now is the same as they were before this new line was launched. Marvel has done something which can be considered a brave move, but suddenly getting rid of drawing characters and replacing them with completely new ones, doesn’t seem to be a wise decision at this point in time.

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