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Alfred Pennyworth and Adrak Chacha

Alfred Pennyworth and Adrak Chacha… Sounds a bit funny to the ears, correct? I tried finding a title to this article, but this portmanteau was the best I could come up with. Read on, and you will probably end up seeing my point of view.

Adrak Chacha is not the name of a spice, but it is the moniker for Akram Gandhi, who is the father figure to a comic book character called DOGA or Suraj – his alter ego.

Alfred Pennyworth is the name of the butler of Bruce Wayne – whom we already know as the one and only Batman. Alfred also acts as the Father Figure to Batman.

See the emerging similarity? I will delve into this with some fun facts.


Adrak Chacha

Left for Dead and abandoned as a toddler and orphan, Suraj is initially used as protection by Daku Halkan Singh against police. In his captivity, Suraj is exposed to a number of horrors and gruesome crimes, resulting into him becoming a sociopath. Suraj eventually escapes this captivity and is able to turn his life around when he meets Adrak Chacha.

Adrak Chacha upon seeing Suraj takes him into his fold and trains Suraj – physically and mentally.

He also has Brothers named after Haldi, Dhaniya and so on – an attempt at droll humour, but it works, anyway.

He transforms Suraj’s life by turning him into a well-oiled athletic machine, ready to fight crimes.

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Adrak Chacha’s strengths are his agility, raw intellect, Stamina, amazing organizational skills and of course – unarmed combat.  Adrak Chacha is the perfect foil to Doga. He is the resolute one, while DOGA is the conflicted one. He is ice, while DOGA is fire. And oh, he can also kick Suraj’s butt with Ease in hand to hand combat.

Still, not agreeing with me on this? Continue reading below.




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Alfred Pennyworth

We all know the History of Bruce Wayne, don’t we? Bruce’s parents were gunned down in front of him and he swore to fight against crime by training himself. To this end, he is trained by Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne’s Family Butler – who also doubles up as his friend, philosopher, guide and mentor. Not many readers know that Alfred possesses a genius level of intellect, amazing organizational skills and, oh, did you know that Alfred was also an operative in the SAS ( He is also shown to be a member of the British Intelligence and Royal Marines – believe your own version) Nothing however can take away the bad-assery out of Alfred. In the DC movies, he is shown to be an old and a wise character that supports Bruce Wayne with his practical advice and sarcastic humour thrown in with good measure.


Probably, seeing the dim light the end of the tunnel, right? I will try and brighten it up some more. Both DOGA and Batman are dark, brooding Characters who are looking for a purpose, to make their lives more meaningful and well, more livable.

Adrak Chacha and Alfred are their knights in shining armor, who provide them much needed relief and guidance and are generally able to set them on the right path.

So what is so great about them? They are just supporting characters, some of you might argue.

Comic books are funny, they provide humor and uncannily also provide a kaleidoscope, forcing us to see life in all its colors.

To many of us, there is no life beyond us, right? Our life, our Career, our choices.. just me, my and myself.

If we look around for the supporting characters in our lives, they will be right there, helping us, loving us, caring for us and accepting all our choices. They could manifest themselves as your wife, your brother, your mother, your father – you got the drift, right?

If, after reading this article, you are able to recognize your Adrak Alfred Pennyworth Chacha, give them a hug and say “Thank you”,  my job here is done !

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