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Alex Ross Iconic Superman into Man of Steel

I am very inspired and fan of Alex Ross’s Artwork. He is truly iconic and legendary comic book artist alive in the world. One of his upto the mark work appear in Superman: Peace on Earth. I tried my hands to convert below given artwork by great Alex Ross to latest Superman: Man of Steel suit. Complete tutorial and step by step process given below along with screenshot. Hope you will enjoy it and like it.

Here is Iconic Superman Image from Superman : Peace on Earth


And here is final result:




Now here is step by step process to achieve final result :

First I cutout original Image, convert it into grayscale, but only suit of Superman and put some dark tone into it.


Second: I put Man of Steel Texture in whole suit body, but in greyscale mode.


Third: Fill up Color of Zack’s Man of Steel Suits and Layer Style of Fill Color was Hard Light.


Fourth: Creating shadows in body part, you can check, I created Chest part in this step, so that it looks original.


Fifth: Put up and setup of New Man of Steel Belt.


Sixth: Cape joint on Man of Steel Shoulder, I put those in this image.


Seventh: Superman Man of Steel Logo in Chest, with Same Texture.


Eight: Nice looking earth background with some adjustment and creation of rays around Planet Eart.


Ninth: Creation of Superman Logo, I choose Gotham Medium font and give some spacing between text.


Tenth: Some texture integration in logo along with Text Effects like Bevel Emboss, Drop Shadow, Gradient and Outer Glow.


Eleventh: Creation of Sparks around Superman Logo.


Twelfth: Whole logo unit placement to top right of Image.


Thirteen: Superman placement according to Image, and some adjustment in this final superman image, like hue, saturation, color correction etc.


Fourteen: Rays effect around superman, so it looks into actual seen.


Fifteen: Placement of “K” logo on bottom right.


That’s all folks, thanks for reading, you can DOWNLOAD full HD images by clicking below given download button: