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Age of Immortals : Connecting Covers and Gripping Story

Age of Immortals

Age of Immortals #4 brings Vira full-circle with a fast-paced, exhilarating experience which I could not have understood fully if I had not gone back and read the issues 1 to 3. Just look at those connecting covers of Age of Immortals; a first in Indian Comics!

We are witnessing the end of an epic journey of Vira in Age of Immortals #4 (a.k.a Aghori #19) that began in 2013. The beginning storyline of Aghori #1 that started Vira’s journey in 2013 was plastered in my mind by the awesome animated advertisement that HCE showcased later at Comic Con India. That gave me goosebumps.

The chilling supernatural narration by Ram V coupled with artists and colorists who created dark moody atmospheres in hundreds of panels has been a terrific undertaking. This is most likely an understatement of this decade.

It gave me a superb perspective of not only the storyline, but also the introduction of Ashwin Kalmane in this series. And what a phenomenal job he has done to match Ram’s narrative skills and keep the story flowing as though Ram had written it. Ashwin, take a bow! I look forward to what you will be bringing to the table. Of course all this would not have been possible without Ram setting-up the start line and everything in-between for Aghori!

There is darkness engulfing humanity and devouring human souls. Vira only knows what the Circle of Eight told him; to find the Seven Immortals to save humanity. He doesn’t know what to do, he is lost, he wants to save his son Krona from the darkness within and defeat this evil. What follows throughout the arc is simply fantastic and it brings back some old friends and foes of Vira all trying to help him in Age of Immortals.

By the end of the fourth issue Vira has to make a difficult choice. I am sad that Vira/Aghori will not be appearing in his own series anymore, but on the bright side we have the seven immortals who are just beginning and we have seen Desh, Shaitan and Caster already with hints of Dehek. Plus, it is possible that Vira makes an appearance anytime anywhere.

HCE for me today is synonymous with Indian Comics because they have been the only shining star consistently publishing comic after comic; and they complete what they start. Kudos to Vivek Goel and his team for living up to some of us readers who demand such progressiveness and completion.