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Aadhira Mohi : Beast of Vichitrapur – Immortality, Black Magic and a Dog

Aadhira Mohi Issue 2 story is fantastic and has many of the elements that make it a wonderful romp; immortality, black magic, demons and a dog! Yes, a dog! And, our leading ladies Aadhira and Mohi find themselves in a “situation” in Vichitrapur. What goes on in Vichitrapur, stays in Vichitrapur!

The writing is crisp, nicely paced and picks up the pace in the last few pages. As Aadhira Mohi Issue 2 storyline is primarily dark themed, the art work and colors match the theme perfectly. Superb panels… Love it!

In the quite south indian village of vichitrapur, young meyappan’s pet dog goes missing. Nobody believes him when he tells them that a monster is hunting them. So he goes looking for his pet himself but vichitrapur is a village with many secrets – Kidnappers, human sacrifices, scary pundits and evil tantriks. Wait, this is a comic about aadhira and mohi. Why is there no mention of them yet? Are they gues stars in their own comic? For these answes you need to pick this up and read.

Loved both the covers; both of them have the main characters of Issue 2 story on the cover and it’s great to see different takes of the same characters.

The English-language cover of this Issue is done by Mauricio Santiago whereas the Hindi-language cover is done by Zoheb Momin and Prasad Patnaik. The lettering is nicely done as well.

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