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1917 Movie Review: Hauntingly Beautiful and Mesmerizing

1917 Movie

I knew nothing of the film heading into the theatre other than it was based on WW1. 1917 Movie is a World War poetry, this film is so perfect and spotless. I thought one of the main characters dying in the first 30-40 minutes would of made the movie horrible, but that’s the beauty of this movie. I did not love the first ten mins of it but once it hits 15 mins I am on board. It’s a tale of bravery and world war one.

1917 Movie is story about two boys, get sent on a mission which is supposed to take 8 hours and we see the entire mission unfold in 2 hours with the help of an unlikely truck and an accidental splash! which really creates a sense of urgency and immerses the audience into the story.

I was mesmerized by the cinematography by Roger Deakins. I liked both the actors, David Chapman and George Mackay. The casting was amazing because these two guys had their own looks which worked very well for both of them. One was innocent looking and other was stern looking. You keep rooting for one in the beginning and then later it changes.

Surprisingly, Richard Madden is the brother, and its worth a wait for him to show up. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch nails his leadership skills with a two-minute one shot scene. These ambitious and incredible actors are able to pull off such talent with the little time they have left on screen. But with George MacKay running to send a message, IS the soldier in this one cinematic adventure. There’s hardly any fighting, which allows you to concentrate on MacKay (Schofield’s) plan… and his plan works!

1917 Movie has everything. Its profound, enlightening, has well developed characters, it immerses the audience and makes you feel like you’re in the trenches with all the characters and is incredibly moving and intense. The messages conveyed are nuanced yet subtle but also profound. This movie is a great road and psychological war thriller film. It’s a modern classic and one of the best war films that I’ve ever seen as well as one of the best movies of the year.

1917 Movie is war film for the Marvel generation. There is limited emotion shown by the main characters, scenes that suspend reality and cliche, cliche, cliche. There are few things which can be improve. things just seem to randomly work out for our hero, and quickly. There needed to be a few sequences where the hero is faced with the enormity of the situation, loneliness, desolation. Rather each time one chapter is finished he is immediately assisted to the next.