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Angara : The Forgotten Hero of the Glorious 90’s


It has been more than a decade since several of the comic book companies folded, leaving us only with Diamond and Raj Comics. Tulsi Comics was among those companies. Tulsi Comics was similar to Manoj Comics in more ways than one. It had its small but impressive catalogue of superheroes, and they complemented these comic book well with their offering of Fantasy and Horror comics. The biggest and best selling characters in Tulsi Comics were Jambu, who was a super computerized robot, and Angara, a kind of a mutant, whose body was made of body parts of different animals.

In the age of innovative superhero ideas coming from every comic book publisher, Angaara was a completely unique concept. These were his powers derived from different animal body parts that he possessed. Bullet proof skin from Rhino, Enhanced brain from Fox, Sharp eyes from Eagle, Resilient heart from Lion and Strong body from Gorilla.

Angara was made in a laboratory by Dr. Kunal. Just like our beloved Super Commando Dhruva, he had to communicate with animals and birds. This ability of his helped him to come out of his exploits victorious. Upon his creation, he was given special training for a brief period of time. His ultimate goal was to save animals and make sure that humans don’t foolishly keep slaughtering animals just for the heck of it, leading to their extinction. Angara has his own private island which was named “Angara Dweep”.

Angara Dweep was the property of the United States Army at one time, and their presence on the island was proving fatal for the wildlife, which was disappearing with each passing day.

Dr. Kunal, who was concerned about the welfare of wild animals, created Angara using body parts of various animals and birds, in order to save the remaining wildlife on the island. Thus Angara came into being.


He was easily the best selling comic book character in Tulsi comics, along with Jambu. For a brief period during the 90s, TULSI Comics went head to head with giants like Raj Comics, Manoj Comics and Diamond Comics. It didn’t last long as Tulsi Comics didn’t possess the required infrastructure, talent and capital to expand its operations and create a full-fledged comic book universe just like Raj Comics.

Couple it with diminishing sales, Tulsi Comics couldn’t survive for long and comic the legend of Angara came to a sad end. But no matter what, Angara will always be remembered among comic book fans as one of the most beloved superheroes of the 90s.